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Friday, January 23, 2009

Crystal Balling with Bazz

Bad News Sells

They say bad news sells papers and I'm sure that is true.
But from where I sit the electronic and tabloid press have been having far too much fun playing "henny penny" predicting the sky is falling.
What a pleasure it was to see newly elected President Barack Obama force the media to print something positive. It was like a breath of fresh air.
It was great to hear a statesman and gifted orator talk passionately about his country and painting a positive picture for the future.
It reminded me yet again how important confidence is to any country and every market place.
While we represent only 8% of the Australian population, there is no argument from the experts that South Australia and Adelaide in particular remains the best place in Australia to invest in these challenging times.
Because of Network syndication rights, Adelaide unfortunately continues to be fed numbers and percentages on real estate that do not apply to our fair city.
Currently the Sydney & Perth market is feeling genuine real estate pain. Both of the cities have experienced huge booms over the past few years.
Fortunately Adelaide always tends to be that little more conservative. We don't experience the dizzy heights and consequently we don't tend to get the shattering lows.
With the most affordable housing in Australia and a sound economy to go with it, as we say, "Adelaide you have to love it."

Cheers and Happy Surfing,

Barrie Magain

Magin Real Estate 23/01/2009