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Helpful information for the tenant


Looking for a rental property?
Make a check-list of the agent's recommendations and while you are at it you might draw up another list for the agent's benefit. Click here

Rental payments
A helpful list of things to look at before the open house. Click here

If you and your agent have assessed the market correctly and the house has been properly presented you will soon have a firm buyer. Click here


The vendor's solicitor is responsible for drawing up the contract.

Here's some things you should consider. Click here

 If you are successful in your application to rent a property, you will receive and sign for a set of keys to the property. Click here

Maintenance and repair requests  
 All maintenance requests must be made in writing. You may do this on-line via e-mail, or via fax using the request forms provided in your Tenancy kit. Phone requests will only be accepted in an extreme emergency. Click here

Utilities  HRg
 Tenants are responsible for utility connections and ensuring accounts are in the correct names.  Click here

Terminating your tenancy agreement  
 As your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document between you and your Landlord, there are legal obligations for both parties in regard to lease termination. Click here